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Ceramic Tile & Design Services

Do you long for the sumptuous look of tile? Are you eager to make this look a permanent part of your home – but frown at the prospect of caulking, grading, or grouting? We can help you make it all happen.

At Carpet One Floor & Home in Fayetteville we’re proud to offer a full range of ceramic tile and design services. Whether it’s for your waiting room – or your living room – that sparkling new tile floor or backsplash represents a serious investment. With decades of collective experience, we’ve got the knowledge and skills to make sure everything goes smoothly, whether you’re seeking a colorful kitchen backsplash or an eye-popping custom shower.

Where Can Ceramic Be Installed?

Ceramic tile is extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms because it is moisture and heat resistant. Plus, with so many different patterns and sizes available, no design is considered off limits.

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Kitchen Backsplashes

Ceramic tile is perfect for kitchen backsplashes. It's super-stylish, and it also can handle moisture and heat.

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Custom Showers

If you're looking to design a custom shower, be sure to consider ceramic tile. You can choose from a variety of looks, including wood and stone.

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